Pantelleria- A Secret Island in Italy

Pantelleria is an unknown island located between Tunisa and Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is volcanic and swimming is mostly off rocks and the only beach is find inland made of mud called "the mirror of Venus". Nights on the island are especially magical, with some of the starriest skies you’ll ever see.

Pantelleria has natural hot springs such as a hot sauna, in a grotto on the side of Montagna Grande, the island’s highest peak and the view is incredible from here. Bring you swimsuit, water and a bottle of beer to get that true SPA feeling.

You can also sit in your own natural jacuzzi in the harbor of Gadir and it's a special feeling to experience that, maybe you have been to Iceland, then you know the feeling.

You should rent a boat and cruise around the island, there are many natural grottos to swim in to and from the boat you can enjoy the beautiful changing nature. It reminds me of Gotland and Mallorca, two other beautiful islands that I love.

Must visit restaurants:

Rifugio Firiciakki

Ristorante Bar La Vela

Ristorante Altamarea

La Nicchia


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