Life Saving Items I can't Travel Without!

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Every traveler has their own tricks to make their travel more comfortable, easier and more convenient. I have listed 5 of my travel items that I can't travel without. Enjoy!

1. I love my earplugs!

We've all been there having a cold or being sick just when we're going away for a trip, right? When your ears are blocked -here you have the cure to avoid that! This may not be the sexiest gadget but I still have to tell you about this life changing thing! In Sweden you can buy these little life-saver in any drugstore or here!

2. Towelettes

Definitely not a glamorous item but arguably a important item for whatever adventure is on your itinerary. You will always find this item in my bag when I'm traveling and I use this for both hands and for my face when I'm on the airplane. You can find it here.

3. Quiet Comfort

If you are like me and sensitive to sounds you should definitely have a pair of these. I can't travel without my noise cancelling earphones from Bose. This is a item you can use for the noisy flights or if your roommate or hubby snores- promise you, they will shut out all the sounds. You can find them here.

4. Pack A Scarf

Even if you choose cotton, silk or cashmere this is one of my most useful travel accessories with many different practical applications. You can use it as a sweater if its cold in the airplane, as a blanket and it can also jazz up a boring outfit. The possibilities are endless...

5. Listen to Audiobooks & Podcasts

What did you do before audiobooks and podcasts? It's like your own Radio which you can fill with different interesting storytelling and vary with your own music. I also like to listen to audiobooks when I'm traveling. I never thought I would looking forward to a 10-12 hour flight but with audiobooks & podcasts it's now possible for me to do that!

Here are some of my favorite podcasts right now (all in Swedish at the moment), Food Pharmacy, P3 documentary, Veckans Bläcka and Ted talks Health

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