A True Horse Ranch Experience close to Stockholm, Sweden!

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

If you love to come out and enjoy nature, imagine at the same time that you experience all this on a horseback, with your best friends, the blackbirds song mixed with the sound from the hooves. How lovely? I want to tell you about my horse ranch experience I had this weekend. We rented a cottage and our own horse. What an nature experience! We enjoyed this lovely experience at Sjöberga Icelandic Horse Ranch, approx. 2 miles from Linköping in Sweden.

I found Sjöberga Icelandic Horse Ranch when I googled 'a horse experiences on your own'. And luckily their cottage was available and we were able to book it for the weekend. We had the horses for 3 whole days and stayed their for 2 nights in total. The cottage is located on the ranch, beautifully and secluded located with views over the paddock. In the summer you are able to literally have your horse just outside your doorstep. Every girls dream!

The cottage "Lilla Sjöberga" is located 100 yards from the main farm, "Sjöberga Islandshästgård" (Sjöberga Icelandic Horse Farm) which is run by the host family. The cottage is rented for self household and is equipped with 5 ordinary beds and the living room is equipped with a fireplace. The forest around "Lilla Sjöberga" is inhabited by moose, roe deer, foxes, badgers and other forest animals. If you are lucky, maybe you will get a visit from one or more of these during your stay!

The owner Camilla is very friendly and always putting her horses first. We had a intro course with her and she showed us different riding paths. After that we were able to outride alone. What a freedom feeling!

This is a perfect adventure for the girl who needs to relax to enjoy a lovely weekend on the countryside! You can focus on peace and quiet, relaxation and recreation, community and togetherness and the nature experiences as well as "just being". I can highly recommend this!

Do you want to know more? Check out their website here

Price: 1500 kr/horse for 3 days á 3 hours on the horseback per day.

And 1500 kr/person for 2 nights in the cottage "lilla Sjöberga".

There are different ranches that offers the same experiences, like Kyrkekvarn in Småland. Check it out! Perfect to book now to have something to looking forward to in the spring 2019. I have already booked mine!

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