A Quirky Speak Easy Bar in Mayfair, London...

Does the novel "Around the world in Eighty Days" sound familiar to you?

Its the french writer Jules Verne's renowned Novel published in 1873 about the rich British adventurer Phileas Fogg. At the Gentlemen's Reform Club he gets involved in an argument over an article in The Daily Telegraph stating that with the opening of a new railway section in India it is now possible to travel around the world in 80 days. He accepts a wager of 20.000 English pounds, half of his total fortune, from his fellow club members to complete such a journey within this time period. And he brought the remaining half of his fortune to cover expenses during the trip.

Now you can enjoy 80 cocktails incorporating ingredients inspired from around the world at Mr Fogg's Residences. Its a collection of adventurous bars transporting you back to the Victorian era. Exquisitely and with a fun presentation the crafted cocktails are inspired from Mr Fogg's all travels. There are six different bars scattered around London. I've visited the one in Mayfair, at Berkley Square. This bar is inspired from the first part of Fogg's trip, from London to Singapore.

We tried four different signature cocktails and they were all served with a fun presentation. Remember these names if you want something extraordinary: Till We Meet Again, Saved From Sacrifice, Spice Island Mary and Jungle Flora

Inside Tips, If you are a party of 4 or more you HAVE to order The Globe of 1873! Trust me.

Now you wonder? Did Mr Fogg return back to London on time to win the wager? If you want to find out you should get the book or make a visit on your own to enjoy and explore his beautiful Residences.

I can truly recommend you to do that because it is something extra...

Adress: Visit the website for more information where you can find the bars of Mr Fogg's Residences

Until we meet again,

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