A Japanese Oasis Experience in Stockholm, Sweden

A Japanese oasis only 20 minutes from Stockholm's inner city. At Yasuragi you rise into a different world. A world that is characterized by Japanese philosophy and sensuality. After eight months of rebuilding, Yasuragi now feels more like a Japanese bathhouse then ever.

When you arrive at Yasuragi you will walk through a small Japanese garden. When you are checking in you will get your own Yukata (a japanese bathrobe) that you basically wear wherever you go, in the bath, at any activities and for dinner at Yasuragi. I really like this concept that you are wearing a special suit and you can just wear your favorite clothes under the Yakuta.

The bathhouse is now a true Japanese oasis. As you step out of the washroom, you meet an environment inspired by Japanese courtyards. Here, the inner courtyard is surrounded by a warm bath with 34-36 degrees water of house bodies with a cold bath, a carbon dioxide bath and a steam sauna with epsom salt. In addition there is also a larger sauna with a temperature of 65-80 degrees and a view of the pine forest and Stockholms inlet. Outside you will find hot springs where you can truly relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Fun Fact! They have a steam sauna with Epsom salt. The salt has a "cleansing" effect on the body and helps relieve muscle tension and aches in the body when bathing.

After your time in the bathhouse it is now time for eating. Yasuragi offers two different restaurants, Teppanyaki or A la Carte and it is two different experiences. I would recommend you to go for the A la Carte menu because the food here is delicious compared with the set menu at the Teppanyaki restaurant.

If you want to go alone or together with your spouse, I can definitely recommend you to go for a day spa or stay for a night or two. I think you should book a Junior Suite and ask for the newly renovated rooms (618 or 619) trust me on this one! I stayed in 322 Kokoro this time and the room is something extra. If you are like me, loving big bathrooms then you should stay in this room! You can see how it looks like here!

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