A Food Paradise on Gotland, Sweden

A French creperie, Russian caviar, chili plants or an hermit hut to live in may not be the first thing you think of when you hear Gotland.

It is usually more common to write about varying bathing areas, magical sunsets and miles of unspoilt coastal stretches waiting to be discovered. But I would like to strike a blow for the range of food experiences that are available with a focus on locally produced food and exciting flavors. If you are a person who has a burning interest in food, or is a so-called foodie, Gotland is a paradise for you.

Now we are going on a day trip where I will guide you to my best tips along road 149 north of Visby. In addition to the latest issue of Gotland Right now, be sure to pack with you a towel, swimwear, a hat and a couple of comfortable walking shoes.

The time is just after half past ten and we start the day in the best way with a breakfast at the popular Själsö Bakery. The scent of freshly baked bread and the nice girl at the counter gets one to dream back to when you were little. If you are hungry you should order the breakfast package, you get an optional fralla with toppings, yogurt with homemade granola, juice, coffee and eggs. Make sure you leave room for a cardamom bun - can be the best I have eaten.

After we have filled up with food fuel, we can now continue driving on road 149. Just north of Själsö you should turn down to the left and make a stop at one of my favorite stores located in Salthamn. This is the third year that Rolf & Friends houses in the old mink farm, which is also said to include a mysterious murder mystery. If you also like interior design then you will not be disappointed nor will you go empty-handed from here. Go here and experience yourself, have plenty of time for there is a lot to see and be inspired by. The store's environment reminds me of the bohemian village of Deia in Mallorca. Definitely worth a visit.

Now it's just to turn left on road 149 again. The next stop will be in Lickershamn and a must is a visit to Fiskboden which is to the left if you look in the direction of the sea. Perfect for a simpler lunch. The smoked salmon are my favorite and do not forget to try their own Lickershamssås sauce. Sit at one of the stalls by the water and just enjoy the surroundings.

After having a bath in the sea I usually let the car stand and walk along the coast to the right away from the otherwise most famous attraction here in Lickershamn - Virgo. Gotland's largest rauk where the legend includes a cruel love story. After about 2 kilometers walk you arrive at the coastal walk. To get up on the cliff, look for the old barely readable wooden sign hanging in one of the pines, which points out where the trail starts.

This experience is suitable for the more adventurous as it is a fairly steep path to get to the top. Once up you can walk along the high cliffs, the wind-swept pines and let yourself be embraced by nature, it is pure magic if you ask me. I dare say that the view strikes Högklint. Do not miss this!

After this excursion, it is soon time for a new food stop just 5 km north from Lickershamn namely in Stenkyrka. For here you will find in the old barn A small Creperie that is about France in general. Through a gap in the charming turquoise Citroën from the 70s, French galettes or "food pancakes" that are gluten-free made from buckwheat flour are served. Of course, they have super-delicious crepes too, sharing a nutella & banana with vanilla ice cream - senselessly good.

Now we will drive our longest distance until we reach the coast and the goal in Kappelshamn, namely Gotland Waffle. It is right next to the road on the right if you come on road 149. It can be a little difficult to park here but it is so worth a visit. You are met by colorful umbrellas with simpler tables that seem to feel like a tourist trap but don't be fooled.

They serve Belgian waffles here. Imagine more sophisticated waffles and with perfect clarity. I usually eat the Skagen waffle. Best of all? They serve the waffles as whole or half, excellent for us who have difficulty deciding or want to try several alternatives. This is also a perfect water hole for those who like cars, with a bit of luck you can see different sports car from the racing track Gotland Ring which is nearby.

Now, my excursion ends here and I now want to advise you to go back the same way and stop at the GT villa at Krusmyntagården. Once here you can drink scrumptious Gin & Tonics (hence the name), eat Russian caviar, and watch the famous sunset in one of the hammocks, while enjoying the sound of the rippling waves rinsing over the rocky beach.

And remember, until we meet again

- Dream big, Eat well & Travel Often

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