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My name is Emma and I'm the founder and creator of Feurst Travel.

I have traveled a lot with my family and my passion for travel started when I was 10 years old and I recorded a movie about my trip to Iceland. I did this to get a dispensation from school for one week to travel there with my parents. It resulted in a personal 1.5-hour movie about Iceland that I showed my class when I got back home.


Is anyone interested in seeing it? Just email me and ask! The goal is also to make an updated version of this movie.

Now 19 years later, traveling is an even bigger part of my life. During all these trips I realized that I do not only love to travel but also to share my experiences, to tell my stories, all to inspire others to travel and discover new places.

I have long experience and have worked both in the hotel and restaurant industry. Hence, I know the importance of good service! That's why it makes it so natural to let you follow me here at Feurst Travel and read about my favorite hotels, restaurants and destinations where you can experience that little extra and find my secret escapes.

For me, traveling is a lifestyle and something that describes a feeling - my feeling. Are you with me? I value really good service like a luxurious hotel but also to spend time on the countryside with my four-legged best friend Charlie-that is really valuable to me! Charlie will also be a big part of Feurst Travel where I guide you to all the great places that also welcome our four-legged friends.


Once I have chosen a destination, the fun begins - research! Where and how should I stay? Where should I eat? What do I want to experience? What should I see? I missed a "go to" platform with unique tips which is why I started Feurst Travel.


Let's get inspired and explore the world!